Fluvimar Shipyard


is a professional run Company with skilled craftsmen who develop a daily work of shipbuilding, shiprepairs and metallurgic works in general. "


Our aims are to bring in the richest side of the country, where the grain and related by-products is exported in near 85% of the national production, becoming an efficient provider of services to all foreign flag vessels and also local river ones, and as shipyard to be considered as the one in the area with the best relation between cost, quality and delivery time for it services.


To be present for local requirements of construction, repairs and re-built of ships, barges, push tugs and inland vessels, bringing our clients services within the highest standards sustaining that quality, labour health, safety and care of our environmental are the basic issues of our activity.

To our People the commitment of bringing them the chance of develop as good professional and as Board members keep leadership in the management of this shipyard.


  • Keep as leaders with our attitude and permanent gesture.
  • Permanent commitment for persons at work, for persons at the local community and environmental.
  • To work as a team
  • Commitment in bringing the best services in the area, will allow this Company to grow and multiply the benefits for our people and for the community as well.
  • Social responsibility, keeping a sustainable action in our daily performance.

Astillero Fluvimar Astillero Fluvimar


Address: 5059 Cortada Mangrullo Street - (Río Paraná & Arroyo Saladillo)

Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina

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Tel./Fax: +54 (0341) 4622756

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5059 Cortada Mangrullo Street - (Río Paraná & Arroyo Saladillo) Rosario - Santa Fe - Argentina
E-mail: · Tel/Fax: +54 (0341) 4622756